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The Tea Party Is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party.

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The US TEA PARTY was a project of CSE (Koch Citizens for a Sound Koch Economy) now since rebranded as FREEDOMWORKS-CSE and AFP (Koch Americans for Koch Prosperity).

The US TEA PARTY website can still be visited in the ARCHIVES.ORG wayback macine from 2002-2005, with mirror image pages on CSE.ORG.

In 2002 Americans were Enjoying GEORGE WRECKER BUSH as president for his first term and had already "taken their country back. The nation had never heard of Barack Obama yet.

In August 2001 the TAR HEELS TEA PARTY attacked the North Carolina State Capitol Bldg with 600 frothy-mouthed screamers throwing tea bags around and complaining about taxed too much already. This protest was sponsored by Dick Armey's dick army of CSE, and also ART POPE'S JOHN LOCKE INSTITUTE co-housed in the same offices as Charles Koch's Institute of Humane Studies at George Mason University.

The TEA PARTY project was created over decades of anti-cigarette tax front organizations funded by the Tobacco Organized Crime Racketeers, as evidenced by the TOBACCO DOCUMENTS housed at SF State U Legacy Library documents collections from the many tobacco trials documents.

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Interim List -- Still Digging Through Archives and Sorting by Crime Projects...

Interim List -- Still Digging Through Archives and Sorting by Crime Projects...
The existance of many duplicate documents reflect how large the criminal conspiracy was with so many people retaining copies in their file cabinets. The fact that file copies were saved for decades indicates that the ideas were considered important enough to save for later usage.

1982 - Tobacco Tea Party A Public Relations Program for the Tobacco Institute

1985 - Citizens For A Sound Economy Tobacco Organized Crime

1985 Reason Foundation Kochtopus Tobacco Organized Crime

1985 Cato Institute Kochtopus Tobacco Organized Crime

1985 - Tobacco Tea Party

1986 - Tobacco Tea Party

1986 - Citizens For A Sound Economy Tobacco Organized Crime

1987 - Citizens For A Sound Economy

Anne Landman's Collection

Rush for the White Coats

Date: No date
Length: 1 page

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As we saw in the last document which revealed Philip Morris' plans to slant the science on secondhand smoke on a global basis, the industry's tactic was to single out scientists whom they believed could be persuaded to work with, and for, the tobacco industry. They would then bring them into the fold and pay them well to criticize the scientific methods used by others, to dispute findings of studies done on secondhand tobacco smoke, to concoct contrary op-eds and articles and appear as 'expert witnesses' for their side against clean indoor air measures at government hearings, etc. The industry referred to the scientists thus recruited as white coats. The project to recruit them was called the Whitecoat Project. Invoices saying what these scientists were paid make up many documents posted on the 'Net. The following is a document is a telex, and shows that the rush to recruit these potential 'whitecoats' was so avid that it was becoming embarassing, and had to be coordinated, in order to keep from scaring off potential scientists: Title: Organization of contacts with whitecoats Type of Document: Telex Author: Helmut Gaisch [PM, Europe] Recipient: J.P. Rupp [an attorney with Covington and Burling who helped develop and coordinate the Whitecoat Project] Date: Nov. 16, 1987 No. of Pages: 1 Site: Philip Morris document site Bates No. 2023542634 URL:'pgno=0&start=0&bool=Whitecoats&docid=2023542534

Project Down Under Conference Notes [Privlog:] PHI...

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 1987 - Tobacco Organized Crime "White Coats"

1987 - Tobacco Organized Crime "Downunder Project"

1988 - Citizens For A Sound Economy Tobacco Organized Crime

1988 - Tobacco Tea Party

1988 - CATO Institute Organized Crime

1989 - Tobacco Tea Party page 18

1990 Tobacco Organized Crime

1991 Tobacco Organized Crime

1992 Tobacco Organized Crime

1993 Tobacco Organized Crime

1994 Tobacco Organized Crime (Page 24 of 36)

1995 Tobacco Organized Crime

1996 Tobacco Organized Crime ask $500,000  receive $500,000 jersey cse $10k B&W jersey cse $10k PM Invoice $10k Pm from TI jersey cse lobbying Invoice $10K RJR from TI Jersey CSE lobbying Jersy CSE $5k Smokeless Tobacco TI letter to RJR $10K Jersey CSE B&W $10K Jersey CSE share TI invoice to PM $10K Jersey CSE CSE Grass Roots Goliath Million for your Thoughts

1996 - Tea Party Tobacco Organized Crime

1996 - TASSC, The A.S.S. Coalition (Cato-Koch) Tobacco Organized Crime

1997 Herman Cain NRA RJReynolds Nabisco Tobacco Organized Crime
2000 ...

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Tobacco Tea Party, Overthrowing America since 1982...

Tobacco Tea Party, Overthrowing America since 1982...

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Page 6,

Page 2,

"Boston Tea Party" 1993 Tobacco Farmers








Koch Organized Crime 03 CSE Dick Armey Tea Party.wmv

Smoke Koch-Murdoch Tea Party Cigarettes.wmv

Koch Organized Crime 02 Seitz-Cato-RJR-Tobacco.wmv

Herman Cain Told Whopper - Koch Organized Crime 02.wmv

Koch Organized Crime (04) Killed Dawn Smalley.wmv

Kochs Started Tea Party With Stalin's Money.wmv